What Is A Finer


The process of refining silver is one that takes Heat, Time, and careful skill. It is not a process that can be done recklessly or with any carelessness. The melting point for silver is nearly 1800 degrees. But it takes more than heat to extract the impurities from this precious metal. The right amount of elements and chemicals must be added. They must be added in exact measure, to separate the dross and produce silver in its purest form. Using heat alone to melt silver will fail to remove all impurities and leave the it burned and damaged. I use to understand the word “finer” as meaning “better.” I thought this passage was saying, God will remove the dross from our lives and we will come forth a better vessel. Until one day I looked up the definition of the word “finer.” I found the “finer” is defined as, “the person doing the refining.” This changed my understanding and my life. The passage is not simply saying God wants to remove our impurities. It’s saying that God’s ultimate goal is to make us a vessel “for the finer.” A vessel fit for His use. God is careful not to burn or damage us in this process. He uses the exact amount of all that we need. He knows exactly what we need. With his careful skill he will make us into what is pleasing to him. – Pastor Brad Brandon

Proverbs 25:4 “Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer.”

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