A Pleasure Cruise


Many Christians today choose a church the same way someone would choose a pleasure cruise. They look for luxurious facilities that will make them comfortable. They make sure that the entertainment is something they will thoroughly enjoy. They may even look through the programs to make sure it suits their interests. They’ll ask about the food and inquire of the service. If they enjoyed their experience then they may decide to return again. Unfortunately, the church was never intended to be a pleasure cruise. The church’s purpose is not to provide fun and relaxation. The true purpose is to be a battleship on a rescue mission. We have been called to reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is simple, to preach the gospel of Christ, to those who have never received His saving grace. We are in a battle to save souls. But many churches have turned their battleship, into a luxury liner. Is the focus of your church to save souls or entertain the masses? Today, be a strong voice to remind people that our mission is to rescue the perishing. There will plenty of time for leisure on the other side. – Pastor Brad Brandon

1 Timothy 1:18 “…that thou mightiest war a good warfare”

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