Be Ready-Minded


Christians are constantly told that we need to be more open-minded. To the point where we think that there are only two options. Either we are open-minded or we are closed-minded. We are told being open-minded is virtuous and good and being closed-minded is evil and bigoted. But the Bible says we are to be neither open-minded nor closed-minded. It tells us to be “ready-minded”. Being open-minded is to be unguarded allowing thoughts, unfiltered by God’s Word, into our thinking. Being closed-minded is to foolishly close ourselves off from truth. Ready-mindedness allows us to guard against that which is false, while allowing the light of truth to illuminate our minds. So, If someone ever accuses you of being closed-minded, just respond by saying, “I’m not closed-minded, I am just ready-minded.” We must be vigilant to guard our minds against anything that is not inline with biblical truths. – Pastor Brad Brandon

Acts 17:11 “they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily”

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